Huizenga Discusses No Budget No Pay, Need For Gutless Senate To Act On Comcast Newsmakers


Date: Jan. 25, 2013
Location: Washington, DC

On Wednesday, Congressman Huizenga (MI-02) sat down for an interview with Robert Traynham to discuss House passage of No Budget No Pay, the need for the Democrat-controlled Senate to pass a budget, and the tough decisions that must be made to get America's fiscal house in order:

On Senate Democrats Failing To Get The Job Done:

"Showing up for work and getting the job done are two different things. The two years that I have been here, we have produced a budget every time. … The frustrating thing is seeing a Senate that simply will not put down their priorities on paper and show them to the American public. They have been hiding behind, 'well we sort of passed some budgets and we have some guideposts' - that is not the same thing. We need to have this debate for the future of America."

On The Chances Of No Budget No Pay Being Signed Into Law:

"The Senate is going to have to explain why they shouldn't produce a budget. One of two things is going to happen. Either the Senate is going to produce a budget, at which point we can have a good honest debate about the priorities they are laying out or Senate Democrats show themselves to be gutless, are not willing to do that, and they will have to explain that to the American people."

On The Need To Make The Tough Decisions:

"We were sent here to make tough decisions, not just sit here and while away our time. I am here prepared to make these tough decisions, regardless of the consequences. Every two years we have a very public job review in the House of Representatives and every six years in the Senate. It's time that we start settling some of these issues, because if we don't the consequences are dire for our kids and our grandkids."