Burgess Releases 2012 Annual Report

Press Release

Date: Jan. 8, 2013
Location: Washington, DC

Today, Dr. Burgess released his 2012 Year End Annual Report. The report showcases his 2012 legislative work and accomplishments, media communication, constituent services, and correspondence with North Texans.

"It is important to show constituents the work I am doing on their behalf, and this is my report to them on the accomplishments we've made in 2012," said Dr. Burgess. "My office performs a variety of services; everything from drafting legislation to helping constituents work with various federal agencies, and I want them to know that I am working hard for North Texans."

Some of Dr. Burgess' 2012 accomplishments include:
Participated in 49 hearings in the Energy and Commerce Committee
Participated in 6 Joint Economic Committee hearings
Participated in 15 markups in the Energy and Commerce Committee
Cast 612 votes, 97.7% vote attendance record
Co-sponsored 41 bills
Opened 555 cases with federal agencies on behalf of constituents
Received and responded to over 39,000 pieces of correspondence
Traveled over 4,200 miles in North Texas
Held or attended over 500 events
Mentioned in 2,236 newspaper articles or blogs
Interviewed 115 times by newspapers and magazines
Conducted 193 radio interviews
Participated in 71 television interviews

"I have always done my best to represent the residents of the 26th District of Texas," said Dr. Burgess. "I keep my constituents' interest at the forefront, and will never forget that I am able to serve this great nation because of them. I take their trust in me very seriously and it is my responsibility to provide them with a report on what we've been able to do."

Click on the image below to review the 2012 Year End Annual Report. Constituents can download the 2012 Year End Annual Report and past reports on Dr. Burgess' website: http://burgess.house.gov/YearEndReport.