Government Gone Wild

Floor Speech

By: Ted Poe
By: Ted Poe
Date: Nov. 30, 2012

Mr. POE of Texas. Mr. Speaker, the President has finally given us his balanced plan to allegedly avoid the fiscal cliff. He wants to raise taxes by $1.6 trillion. He wants another stimulus package of $50 billion. He wants the authority to raise the debt ceiling without asking Congress for approval.

Say it isn't so, Mr. Speaker.

This tax hike will hurt small businesses, which provide 67 percent of the jobs in this country. That may fund the government for a short time. Then what's the plan? Stimulus 2.0. Because the first stimulus worked so well? That was a disaster as well. We have a $16 trillion deficit, and the President wants to spend more money. Are you kidding me? Spending is the problem. We don't need more of it. Lastly, he wants the power to raise the debt ceiling without congressional approval.

The administration cannot unilaterally issue an edict like a monarchy. Congress, Congress, Congress is in charge of the purse. The government has gone wild.

And that's just the way it is.