Pearce Votes to Balance the Federal Budget

Press Release

Date: March 22, 2013

Today, U.S. Congressman Steve Pearce voted for H. Con Res 25, the Budget Resolution for 2014, sponsored by Chairman Paul Ryan. This legislation eliminates the federal budget deficit within ten years.

"America's growing debt threatens our economy, our jobs, and our national security" said Pearce. "Across New Mexico and across America, people are tired of Washington's reckless overspending, and they have demanded a solution. Today's proposal does what every American family has had to do: it cuts spending, achieves balance, and provides a plan for our future."

Today's budget proposal is estimated to immediately create 500,000 jobs, and increase household take-home pay by $1500.

The federal budget has seen balance in the recent past. In the 1990s, Republicans and Democrats worked together to balance the budget and usher in a time of economic prosperity. Rep. Pearce encourages the President and the Senate--neither of whom have proposed a balanced budget--to join with the House in that same spirit of cooperation for America's future.