Security in Energy and Manufacturing Act

Floor Speech

Date: April 10, 2013
Location: Washington, DC

Ms. SINEMA. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to introduce the Security in Energy and Manufacturing Act of 2013.

This bill will extend the Advanced Energy Manufacturing Tax Credit program. The program provides a 30 percent tax credit, or a grant in lieu of a tax credit, to companies that are constructing, expanding, or retrofitting their facilities that manufacture renewable energy.

We have seen our manufacturing base erode as a result of increased global competition. Not only will the SEAM Act help us rebuild our manufacturing industry; it will also provide an opportunity to do so while exploring responsible energy production. Energy innovation is quickly becoming one of the world's largest industries; and countries all over the world are purchasing billions of dollars' worth of wind turbines, solar panels and other green technologies. I want to see these products made in the United States and for our country to remain competitive.

We know this program works. The first allocation of funding was extremely successful in leveraging private capital, and that led to the investment of over 180 energy manufacturing facilities across 43 States in our country. The number of wind turbines and their workable components made in the U.S. has more than doubled since then, and that is just one aspect of the renewable energy field.

Expanding this program also means creating additional high-tech, high-wage manufacturing jobs in our own backyard. Companies like Tempe's Monarch Power could expand and increase the creation of innovative products, ranging from energy generation to energy storage, even a mobile renewable power system--all while remaining affordable. We must partner the power of American innovation with the potential of American production. My bill encourages just that.

In my home State of Arizona, renewable energy enjoys broad bipartisan support. Democrats and Republicans, including Barry Goldwater, Jr. and our own Governor, Jan Brewer, have advocated for solar and renewable energy because they know that the future of our State and the future of our country depend on it. I stand today with a broad coalition of leaders from my State who have a long history of supporting energy innovation as a smart investment for America.

We have the opportunity to restore U.S. manufacturing jobs, to help our country remain competitive in the manufacturing industry and to invest in a wide range of clean energy production. I ask that the body join me in supporting the SEAM Act of 2013.