Administration Failures

Floor Speech

Date: May 16, 2013
Location: Washington, DC
Issues: Defense Taxes

Mr. HOLDING. Mr. Speaker, this administration's repeated disregard for transparency and the rule of law should trouble every American.

Mr. Speaker, the administration has accused congressional Republicans of playing politics as we conduct oversight into the administration's failures before, during, and after the terrorist attack in Benghazi. But this is hypocritical, coming from an administration that already altered talking points to cover their own political agenda.

And more recently, Mr. Speaker, we learned that the IRS deliberately targeted conservative groups. The IRS has the serious responsibility of collecting taxes and holding accountable those who cheat the system; and now it seems that they, themselves, are choosing when to follow the law.

Mr. Speaker, the American people deserve more from their elected officials. I hope as details of these events emerge the American people will find out the truth, not just the administration's spin.