Blog: Laying Down the L.A.W: Westmoreland Supports Keystone XL Pipeline Construction


Date: May 23, 2013
Issues: Oil and Gas

Last night, the House passed H.R. 3, the Northern Route Approval Act, a bipartisan bill which approves construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline. H.R. 3 overrides the Obama administration's delays by removing the required Presidential Permit, allowing TransCanada Corporation to begin construction of the northern portion of the pipeline.

It's been five years since TransCanada applied for a permit to build the Keystone XL Pipeline. And for five years the president has stalled construction. According to TransCanada, thousands of jobs are hanging on this project and we can't afford to wait any longer. If the president and Senate Democrats are serious about job creation, they need to approve the Keystone Pipeline so we can begin working towards affordable energy and growing American jobs. We need the jobs, we need affordable energy, and we need the Keystone Pipeline.

Once fully constructed, the Keystone XL will carry nearly a million barrels per day of Canadian crude oil to U.S. refineries. After implementing 57 additional safety standards proposed by the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration, Keystone XL will be one of the nation's safest pipelines and a source of economic stability for North American energy. As an original co-sponsor of this bill, I applaud the House's passage of H.R. 3, and urge Senate Majority Leader Reid to quickly bring this bill to the floor for a vote in the Senate.