Sen. Paul to Introduce "Trust but Verify' and Additional Amendments to Immigration Reform Bill

Press Release

Date: June 5, 2013
Issues: Immigration

Sen. Rand Paul yesterday announced one of his amendments that he intends on offering to the Gang of Eight's Immigration Reform Bill. The Paul amendment makes immigration reform conditional on Congress voting on whether the border is secure, requiring completion of a border fence in five years and a protection against the federal government establishing a national identification card system for citizens. Sen. Paul's "Trust but Verify" amendment requires Congress to write and enforce a border security blueprint rather than relying on bureaucracies, such as the Department of Homeland Security, to come up with a plan. The amendment also would provide new national security safeguards to track the holders of student visas and those provided asylum and refugee status. The Paul amendment would put pressure on the Department of Homeland Security to finally follow through on the broken promise of a secure border and an effective visa tracking system.

In addition to Trust but Verify, Sen. Paul intends to offer the following amendments:

'No New Pathway to Citizenship' Amendment

Sen. Paul's "No New Pathway to Citizenship" amendment removes the new and exclusive visa category and pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. The amendment expands existing work visa categories instead of creating a new Registered Provisional Immigrant status. This updated work visa will not give any individual a new pathway to citizenship; rather they will be treated as if they are in line in their home country. No preference will be given to those on a work visa over individuals who are in line and outside the borders of the United States.

'Secure the Vote' Amendment

Sen. Paul's "Secure the Vote" amendment ensures that individuals on work visas or given status under the bill are not allowed to vote in federal elections until they become citizens. The amendment will provide new procedures to encourage states to check that individuals gaining status or a work visa are not registered to vote.

'Secure the Treasury' Taxpayer Protection Amendment

Sen. Paul's "Secure the Treasury" amendment will provide further protections for taxpayers against individuals in a new immigration status from becoming dependent on the welfare state. This amendment will prevent individuals in Registered Provisional Immigrant status from getting access to Obamacare and welfare.