Stopping Government Abuse of Taxpayer Information Act

Floor Speech

Date: June 11, 2013
Location: Washington, DC

Mr. HOLDING. Mr. Speaker, we are all familiar with the recent IRS scandal involving the agency targeting conservative groups. As if this institutional arrogance wasn't troubling enough, the IRS will soon become the primary enforcer of ObamaCare.

Mr. Speaker, today I rise to support legislation introduced by my friend from Tennessee, Congresswoman Diane Black. H.R. 2022, the Stopping Government Abuse of Taxpayer Information Act, would stop the implementation and enforcement of ObamaCare and force government agencies associated with Federal Data Services to certify that the American people's private information is not being exploited for targeting based on political beliefs.

Oversight, Mr. Speaker, is an important function of Congress, and we should ensure that the American people's right to privacy and political freedom are protected.

I thank the gentlewoman from Tennessee for introducing this important bill. It's time we demand accountability from the IRS and prevent them from further intruding on the rights of American taxpayers.