PA Coal Alliance: PA Coal Alliance, Amerikohl Mining Inc., host Congressman Keith Rothfus

Press Release

Date: June 21, 2013
Location: Monessen, PA
Issues: Energy

Congressman Keith Rothfus (PA 12), Pennsylvania Coal Alliance CEO, John Pippy and President and CEO of Amerikohl Mining, Inc., John Stilley hosted a press conference discussing the impact of emission limits on coal miners and power plant workers in western Pennsylvania.

Alliance CEO John Pippy stated that "Coal is still among the most affordable, reliable and abundant fuel source both within Pennsylvania and nationally, and is well positioned to play a significant role in helping to secure our energy future as well as opportunities worldwide."

The United States has 30% of the World's coal supply; 482 billion tons of demonstrated reserve base, comparable in energy value to the entire world's known reserves of petroleum. Pippy went on to say that, "Thanks to powerful demand from rapidly developing countries such as China and India, coal is the fastest growing fuel worldwide and is widely expected to surpass oil as the world's number one energy source by 2017."

The Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday, June 19, that "the Obama administration is set to renew its push to restrict greenhouse-gas emissions, including delayed measures on coal-fired power plants." Congressman Rothfus and Senator Pippy addressed the potential impact of such regulation on Western Pennsylvania coal miners, power plant workers, and their families.

"Coal is an abundant, affordable, and reliable source of energy," said Congressman Rothfus. "It provides low cost American made energy to power our lives and industry. It is critical to growing our economy and adding jobs in Western Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, President Obama's war on coal is stalling economic growth, threatening the jobs of manufacturers, coal miners and power plant workers, and hurting Western Pennsylvania families and communities. I'd like to thank Amerikohl Mining's John Stilley and PA Coal Alliance's John Pippy for a discussion and tour of the great environmentally responsible contributions being made in our community."

Congressman Rothfus and Senator Pippy toured Amerikohl's Sanns Mine immediately after the press conference.