Rokita "Skeptical" on Syrian Intervention


Date: Aug. 31, 2013
Location: Danville, IN
Issues: Foreign Affairs

Representative Todd Rokita released the following statement in response to President Obama's decision to seek authorization from Congress for military intervention in the Syrian conflict.

"I remain skeptical of intervention in the Syrian conflict at this time, as I do not see a clear and imminent threat to the United States. The President, to his credit, has agreed to seek authorization and make his case to Congress to engage in the Syrian conflict that has entangled an entire region. There will be a serious debate in Congress about the wisdom of such intervention and I will continue to seek additional details on the matter that will rightfully come before Congress.

"To date Hoosiers who have expressed an opinion to me at numerous town hall meetings have unanimously been opposed to intervention in this conflict. I will continue to hold more town halls in the weeks ahead to seek further input. On their behalf, I am ready to have this debate, because in the past we have failed to account for the total cost of war and we must be very selective when in engaging due to the human costs and financial costs. We also need to remember that if these two sides weren't fighting each other, they would be using their time and energy designing ways to fight us."

Rokita spoke with several media outlets in Indiana this week regarding the Syrian conflict.