Newsletter: More Overreach by the Obama Administration



In the past few months, the Obama Administration has unilaterally decided on a delay of employer mandates in ObamaCare, taken action in climate change and is now talking about military action in Syria without Congressional approval. This type of side-stepping of the Constitutional process is nothing new to this Administration.

Other examples of overreach by this administration:

- Dream Act-June 2012 executive order stopped DHS from ordering deportations young illegal immigrants.
- Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA)-In February 2011 Obama announced the Justice - Department would no longer defend the Defense of Marriage Act in Court.
- Drug Sentencing-On August 12, 2013 AG Eric Holder announced that U.S. Attorneys would stop using mandatory minimum sentencing for non-violent, non-gang drug offenders.
- Work Requirements in Welfare-In July 2012 the Obama Administration declared it had the authority to waive the work requirements in the 1996 Welfare Reform law.
- Recess Appointments-Obama made several recess appointments to NLRB that have been declared unconstitutional by several courts.

Concerning the latest we want to know what, if anything, you think the United States should do in Syria?

I appreciate all your feedback.