Congressman Holding Responds to the President's National Address on Syria


Date: Sept. 11, 2013
Location: Washington, DC
Issues: Defense

Following the President's address to the nation regarding potential military action in Syria, Congressman George Holding released a statement:

"Last night the President once again attempted to convince the American public as to why striking Syria and getting involved in a brutal civil war is in our national interest. He failed to articulate exactly what these strikes would accomplish and that is why the majority of Americans -- and Congress -- continue to oppose intervention in Syria.

This administration has spent the last week in a full-court press trying to convince Members of Congress and the American people about the urgency and necessity of such a vote. But last night the President once again changed course and requested Congress delay the vote he has so relentlessly pursued.

We, as a nation, have long recognized that the use of chemical weapons is deplorable, but the President has yet to offer a plan that would credibly end their use in Syria.

The President continues to give mixed messages -- first saying that we need to strike Syria, and then saying that we should hold off. The American people do not want this military strike. I have heard from my constituents and I share their concerns."