Congressman Luke Messer (IN-6) Released the Following Statement Today After Voting to Keep the Government Open and Protect Working Americans from the Effects of Obamacare


"I share the disappointment that most Americans feel about today's government shutdown, and I am disappointed with my Democratic colleagues in the Senate who have refused to negotiate to keep government open.

The President and Democrats in the Senate insist on providing Obamacare delays for big business, subsidies for the politically connected and waivers for big unions without giving hardworking individuals and families the same breaks. That's not right, and that's not fair to the American people.

Last week, President Obama opened negotiations with the President of Iran, yet he refuses to negotiate with Republican leadership in the House. My colleagues and I put together a compromise that would fund the government, delay the individual mandate included in Obamacare for one year and repeal the $30 billion medical device tax. Why won't the President come to the negotiation table?

Our country needs leadership, and leadership requires more than declaring that you're going to take your ball and go home if you don't get your way. The House stands ready to act. It's time for President Obama to answer the call to negotiate."