Congressman Luke Messer Releases List of Services Open to Hoosiers During Government Shutdown

Press Release

Date: Oct. 2, 2013
Location: Washington, DC

At midnight on October 1st the Federal government entered a lapse in appropriations. It's the 17th government shutdown since 1977. Past shutdowns have ranged from one to 21 days. To keep constituents informed, Congressman Luke Messer (IN-6) released a list of services that will remain available during the shutdown.

"I want to make sure Hoosiers in the 6th District know that essential services for national security and public safety will continue," said Congressman Messer. "They will still receive their social security benefits and veterans will continue to get the care and compensation they have earned."

Many other critical services will continue as well:


· Medicare services for current beneficiaries

· Unemployment benefits

· SNAP benefits through October


· Department of Defense hospitals and schools

· Operations overseas

· Payments to active duty military


· Veterans pensions, survivors benefits, and compensation claims through the end of October

· Veterans health services including clinics and other medical facilities


· Air traffic control, prison security and border patrol

· Law enforcement and criminal investigations

· Emergency and disaster assistance

Last night (Wednesday, October 2) Congressman Messer and other House Republicans voted to keep two more essential services running during the funding lapse.

Open Our National Parks and Museums Act offers immediate funding for the National Park Service, Smithsonian, National Gallery of Art, and the United States Holocaust Museum.

Research for Lifesaving Cures Act gives immediate funding for the National Institutes of Health at the same rate as last year.

"These bills will ensure funding for our National Park Service and the National Institutes of Health," said Congressman Messer. "Disagreements over Obamacare should not keep us from funding other critical government services."