Letter to Barack Obama, President of the United States - Implement Additional Sanctions on Iran


Today Congressman Luke Messer (IN-6) and Brad Schneider (IL-10) released a bipartisan letter signed by 78 freshman members of Congress calling on the Obama Administration to utilize additional authorized sanctions passed by the House of Representatives against Iran to ensure it does not acquire nuclear weapons.

"America cannot accept a nuclear armed Iran," said Messer. "I welcome a dialogue with Iranian leadership, but America must continue the pressure of sanctions and be clear force is an option unless Iran dismantles its nuclear program."

Schneider added, "History will judge our actions with Iran by one simple question--did we prevent it from acquiring a nuclear weapon. While recent diplomatic progress is encouraging, actions are what matter ultimately. The Administration must continue to implement a full spectrum of sanctions, pressuring Iran to give up its nuclear weapons program or face an even graver economic outlook."

Only available in PDF format, see source for document.