Spending Cuts

Floor Speech

Date: Oct. 4, 2013
Location: Washington, DC

Mr. RODNEY DAVIS of Illinois. Madam Speaker, this has been a tough week for my constituents, a tough week for all Americans.

I've been reflecting on the goals I set when I decided to run for office a little more than a year ago. I came here to tackle the growing debt that is saddling our country. I want to make sure that we reform the way Washington spends money, and I want a better and more responsible America for my children and your children.

Madam Speaker, I hate the bickering that has consumed this institution. I dislike the fighting. But even more, I dislike the $17 trillion in debt that's preventing American exceptionalism.

It is unacceptable that last year our country spent a trillion more than we had. It is unacceptable that our President does not want to talk about how we get out of the red or the fact that ObamaCare will add another $1.3 trillion to our deficit.

We had historic spending reforms in this House and have begun the process to reprioritize how Washington spends your tax dollars. I will continue my efforts to get our fiscal house back in order. I will continue to advocate that we return to a constitutional appropriations process and begin passing all of our spending bills.

One of the most important powers the Constitution outlines is in article I. It is for Congress to control Federal spending. We must get back to that system of checks and balances that our forefathers designed and the Constitution demands.