Obama Administration Continues to Pick and Choose Who The Law Applies To


Date: Oct. 8, 2013
Location: Washington, DC

The National Park Service has granted special permission for a pro-immigration rally to take place on the National Mall today, adding to the Administration's penchant for picking and choosing what monuments and memorials are open and who they are open to. Members of the Congressional Western Caucus responded to this decision with the following statements:

"I am disappointed that the President and his administration have again decided to put his political allies in a different category than the rest of Americans. He has allowed special access to the National Mall--which is closed while the government is shutdown-- for rallies furthering his political interests. In contrast, World War II Veterans, who fought and bled to preserve our nation, our Constitution, and our liberty, are barred from entering the Monument memorializing their sacrifice. There is something very wrong about the discrepancy there."