Floor Speech

Date: Nov. 14, 2013
Location: Washington, DC


Mr. JOHNSON of Wisconsin. Mr. President, Gina Sell is a 29-year-old registered nurse, a wife, a mother of two girls, and a lifelong Wisconsin native. She and her husband Joe, a heating and air-conditioning technician, currently purchase health insurance on the individual market.

Their best option under ObamaCare increases their monthly premium by $700 and their deductible by $12,000 per year. This is after an annual ObamaCare subsidy of $48. Because they both work, Gina and Joe make too much money to obtain an adequate subsidy but not enough to afford health insurance.

So what can they do? Gina has looked for a full-time job that provides health benefits, but those jobs are pretty scarce. Her only option may be to quit working altogether so they qualify for a larger subsidy. Because of ObamaCare, Gina might lose a career she loves and America might lose a much needed nurse.

In Gina's words: ``This scenario is life altering ..... My husband and I are at a loss for what we can do.''

I yield the floor.