Issue Position: Federal Budget and Spending

Issue Position

Reduce spending to live within our means
Balance the budget
Reform government programs and eliminate waste

Government does not have a revenue problem--it has a spending problem. Federal spending is out-of-control and must be reduced so the government can live within its means. The federal government is on an unsustainable path--currently spending about 25% of the gross-domestic-product (GDP), the highest since World War II. This number is projected to reach 40% over the next 30 years. All the while, we have accumulated a national debt that is projected to exceed $17 trillion by the end of the year. Without action, this debt will threaten the future prosperity of our nation.

The House of Representatives has actively pursued a balanced, pro-growth agenda of lowering spending, reforming our tax-code, and addressing the major drivers of the deficit--entitlement programs. These programs need comprehensive reform to ensure they are available for future generations. Over the last two years, the House has curbed government spending and implemented over $2.3 trillion in future deficit reduction.

To address our government's spending problem, I supported the FY 2014 House Budget resolution, which will balance the budget in 10 years and reduce spending by nearly $5 trillion. The measure also includes a plan to preserve Medicare for future generations. The resolution establishes a cap on total spending as a percentage of the economy in order to ensure that future spending does not grow out of control.

While I am committed to reducing government spending, I believe that we must replace the indiscriminate sequester with targeted spending cuts and program reforms, especially given the impact on San Diego's defense industry. That is why I twice voted to replace sequestration with responsible spending cuts.

I have opposed every unconditional increase in our nation's debt limit. Going forward, it is crucial that the House and Senate pass a budget that will put our country on the path to prosperity. In order to balance the budget, I cosponsored and voted for a Constitutional Amendment to require that the federal budget is balanced.