Obamacare Impact

Floor Speech

Date: Nov. 14, 2013
Location: Washington, DC

Mr. SOUTHERLAND. Mr. Speaker, the problems with this health care law won't be cured with political fixes because this isn't about politics. This is about real people. People like Paul and Victoria Morson of Panama City, Florida, my hometown.

The Morsons are health care providers themselves. By day, they provide care to infants and toddlers struggling with catastrophic injuries, blindness, autism, and other developmental delays. At night, they run a medical courier service, delivering cancer treatments and medications.

Paul and Victoria each received this letter from Florida Blue, informing them that their coverage was being canceled at the end of this year. Their plans failed to meet the law's requirements for maternity and newborn care and pediatric dental care, despite the fact that the Morsons are in their sixties and have no children.

They were informed their new plans would increase their combined premiums from $520 to $1,260 per month. Now Paul and Victoria are trying to figure out how to keep alive a medical practice that has already been reduced from a 10-county area to just one.

That is a real-world impact and a real-world example on this misguided law, and that is why, if you like your plan and you were promised that you could keep your plan, you should be able to keep your plan.