Rep. Davis Statement on Keep Your Health Plan Act


Date: Nov. 15, 2013
Location: Washington, DC

U.S. Rep. Rodney Davis (R-Ill.) today released the following statement after the House voted to approve H.R. 3350, the Keep Your Health Plan Act, by a vote of 261-157.

"The vote by the House today represents a commonsense, permanent and legal change to the law to reflect President Obama's promise to the American people that if they like their health care plan they can keep it," said Davis. "My office has been inundated with phone calls and emails from individuals and families who feel misled and lied to because they just found out that their health care plan has been cancelled. In fact, in the first 45 days of the law many more Americans have received cancellation notices than have enrolled in plans under Obamacare, so the problems go far beyond just technical issues and glitches with a website. This shouldn't be a partisan issue and the President and the Senate have said time and time again that they are willing to discuss 'fixes' to the law, so I hope they move quickly to pass this bill, sign it into law and ensure that the promises being made by the federal government to the American people are promises kept."

On Thursday, Rep. Davis spoke on the floor of the House about Rachel, a constituent from Decatur who lost her health care coverage due to Obamacare. Click here to view the speech.

Additionally, Rep. Davis is collecting Obamacare stories from constituents in the 13th District. Constituents can visit Rep. Davis' website at to submit their experiences about Obamacare and the website.