Issue Position: Economy and Jobs

Issue Position

Date: Jan. 1, 2010

Dr. Benishek's main focus in Congress is to create jobs and grow the economy in Northern Michigan. There's no doubt that many families in Northern Michigan are struggling in this tough economy. Dr. Benishek knows that moms and dads throughout our area are finding it difficult to pay for their bills and put food on the table. And while paychecks are not increasing, the cost of food, gas and utilities continues to rise.

The economy is not doing well and Washington politicians are making things worse by spending money we don't have, enacting costly regulations, and threatening tax increases on local job providers. The out-of-control spending and massive debt in Washington is creating uncertainty for job creators and preventing the economy from growing.

Dr. Benishek's supports policies that will grow the economy, create jobs, and allow our children and grandchildren to continue living and working in Northern Michigan. Dr. Dan believe this can be done by reducing costly federal regulations, easing the massive federal debt, and keeping taxes low on families and businesses. Additionally, Dr. Benishek is focused on promoting vocational education for people to get retrained or young people to get trained to fill the jobs available.

Dr. Benishek has spoke with hundreds of job creators throughout the First District and they have told him they are not hiring because of the uncertainty in Washington, the costs of new federal regulations and the costs of President Obama's new health care law. We need to get the federal government out of the way so the economy can start moving again. If the economy improves, families will see more money in their paychecks and find it easier to purchase a new truck or buy their daughter braces or go on that family vacation they've always wanted to do.

Like many people from Northern Michigan, Dr. Benishek didn't have a lot growing up. But he saved money, went to college and became a doctor. That's the American Dream. Dr. Dan wants to make sure our children and grandchildren will have that same shot at the American Dream. That's why he is committed to working in Congress to create jobs and give future generations the opportunity for a better future.