Issue Position: On the Issues

Issue Position

Mac shares the values of the people for whom he works. He understands what matters to you and works hard on these issues in Washington.

Mac relies on his commonsense conservative principles to support proven policies that:

Encourage economic growth and job creation, including:

Permanently lowering tax rates
Cutting and controlling federal spending
Limiting excessive regulation

Defend faith and family in an increasingly secular society. We must do all we can to defend and strengthen these values.

Fully repeal and defund Obamacare because it is already driving up premiums, driving away doctors, forcing employers to stop offering health care, and causing employees to the lose the care they already have.

Replace Obamacare with commonsense reforms that make health care more affordable and accessible to all Americans, while ensuring that health care decisions are made by the doctor and patient, according to the patient's best interests.

Ensure that the federal government continues to adequately address its first job -- to defend the country-- while keeping its commitment to those who have and are serving in our military and their families.

Increase domestic production of all kinds of energy to reduce our dependence on foreign oil imports and to support American families struggling with the rising costs of fuel, food, and electricity.

Require that the federal government demonstrates fiscal discipline, is held accountable for spending, and moves toward a balanced budget.

Protect the 2nd Amendment, which guarantees for a citizen's right to keep and bear arms. Gun control legislation does not keep guns out of the hands of criminals; rather, it restricts the 2nd Amendment rights of responsible, law-abiding citizens.

Support agriculture with lower taxes, fewer regulations, and more markets available for our commodities.

Fight to protect private property rights in accordance with the Constitution.

Revamp the tax code to close loopholes, reduce rates, and make the system flatter and fairer to all American families and businesses.

Create and enforce a workable immigration program that effectively controls who and what enters our country and does so in a way that makes us stronger.

Provide all Americans with a government that works swiftly and effectively, and minimizing the bureaucracy that has come to define the federal government.

Takes immediate and necessary steps to reform and preserve Social Security and Medicare for current and future generations

Assures the best education for our children with decisions made locally by parents, teachers, and local school boards