Floor Speech

Date: Nov. 14, 2013
Location: Washington, DC

Mr. Speaker, I rise today to say enough is enough. Enough of the rhetoric. Enough of the dishonesty.

Promises have been broken. We face critical situations that need to be made right. Countless Americans, and many within the Second District of Oklahoma, are going to their mailboxes only to learn that the health insurance plan they liked is being canceled.

In the House, we have chosen to listen to the American people through the Keep Your Health Plan Act. Individuals can actually keep the plan they like, and we can clean up the damage done by this administration's failures.

Aside from the consequences on individuals, business owners like me also face mounting regulations and penalties as a result of ObamaCare. Small businesses provide stability to our economy and employ millions of Americans. That stability has been jeopardized by the result of ObamaCare.

I will not sit back and watch Americans be subject to empty promises with no solution in sight. I encourage my colleagues to join me in saying enough is enough and vote in support of the Keep Your Health Plan Act.