Issue Position: Fiscal Policy

Issue Position

Date: Jan. 1, 2014

The greatest threat to our national security is our own government's continued deficit spending that, if left unchecked, will one day undermine our nation's status as the world's superpower. The greatest path to prosperity, to job creation, and to economic growth is by creating a free economy that empowers individuals and communities. When this President took office, the national debt was approximately $10 trillion, representing roughly 220 years of spending during the life of our Republic. When this President leaves office, his Administration and the Congress will leave us with a cumulative national debt of roughly $20 trillion, doubling in eight years what took 220 years to accumulate. In our lifetime, mandatory government spending on interest on the debt and our entitlement programs will likely consume every dollar the U.S. Treasury receives from the people, leaving only continued deficit spending to fund the basic functions of government -- from defense to veterans, to transportation and infrastructure, to energy and the environment. I believe, as Thomas Jefferson did, that we as a nation are morally bound to pay our debts during the life of the majority and not burden future generations with debt created by ours. I support a balanced budget amendment.