Issue Position: Education

Issue Position

The education of our children is extremely important and begins with active, engaged parents long before children are enrolled in school. That is why I support empowering our local educators and parents who know best how to give students the proper tools they need to succeed. Unfortunately, the federal government's approach to education in the past has been to craft a one-size fits all approach to students' needs. The challenges our educators face in the St. Louis area are not the same as those of California and Massachusetts. Additionally, we learned the hard way that throwing money at our nation's broken education system does not solve the problems as evident by our decline in worldwide education rankings.

In Congress, I aim to undo many of the federal burdens and the "one size fits all" mold that the federal government imposed on states, while providing for quality teachers and ensuring that they are empowered to carry out the job at hand. Properly educating our country's children is investing in the future, and it directly supports our country's overall development of wealth and prosperity.