Issue Position: Energy and Natural Resources

Issue Position

As a fifth generation Montanan, I know our state's natural resources are central to our way of life and an engine to our economy and job creation. Our pristine glacial peaks and rivers, vibrant forests, wide open spaces, and rich mineral and energy deposits earn beautiful Montana its name--the treasure state. As a member of the House Committee on Natural Resources, I will work to preserve Montana's way of life by encouraging responsible stewardship as we continue to develop our natural resources.

In addition, I support an all-of-the-above approach to securing American energy independence that includes alternative sources of energy--hydropower, wind, and solar--along with coal, oil, and natural gas. Montana will continue to lead the way, through the pending construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, promoting exploration and sustained development of the Bakken oil shale, continuing to lead in domestic coal production, and expanding our renewable energy production. Montana is setting an example of how domestic energy development can be done in a responsible manner to reduce our dependence on foreign energy while sustaining our resources for generations to come.

Federal Land Management & Private Property Rights

As a fifth generation Montanan and an avid outdoorsman, I know that Montana's rich and diverse landscape makes our state one of a kind. People from around the world travel to Montana to hike, fish, hunt, and recreate in our diverse terrain and open areas. Our state is a source of life for a variety of wildlife and forests, agriculture and livestock. Access to Montana's many public lands must be properly managed in a collaborative effort by private citizens, Native American tribes, and federal and state governments.

I serve on the House Committee on Natural Resources, which has jurisdiction over federal land management. In this capacity, I will closely monitor the federal agencies managing our federal lands to ensure that they protect multiple-use access and foster economic opportunities wherever possible. I will also work to ensure that these agencies are responsibly managing our forests to reduce the risk of catastrophic wildfire and combat invasive species. Further, it is imperative that the federal government be good neighbors with private landowners, and I will fervently work to protect private property rights against improper government encroachment. Simply stated, I will fight to sustain our way of life in Montana for future generations.