Issue Position: Montana Values

Issue Position

Date: Jan. 1, 2014

Our country was founded on principles of faith, individual freedom, and respect for life. As a fifth generation Montanan, I know these values run deep throughout our state. In Congress, I will fight to protect our Second Amendment rights and to repel any other government infringement on our freedoms. While respecting those with differing views, I will also work passionately to promote a cultural of life from conception to natural death, encourage healthy and stable families, and protect marriage as between one man and one woman. The federal government should protect these fundamental rights and values, not infringe or redefine them.

As a member of the Second Amendment Task Force in the House of Representatives, I am firmly committed to protecting the right to bear arms for law-abiding individuals in Montana and across our country. I was disappointed that President Obama and some others in Washington have used recent tragedies to push for controversial firearm restrictions that many experts believe would be ineffective in preventing future crimes. I strongly oppose the President's efforts and believe such policies would undermine our Second Amendment rights and our way of life in Montana, while doing nothing to address the most significant factors behind violent crime.

Law enforcement certainly needs to strictly enforce current laws forbidding potentially dangerous persons from possessing a firearm. But I will work to ensure that Congress protects the constitutional rights of the thousands of Montanans who safely and lawfully possess or use a firearm. I also believe schools should seriously consider whether an armed presence on their campus would enhance school safety. Last, I believe we should use the national dialogue regarding firearms to reinforce to parents how important it is that they educate their children about safe firearm possession and use.