Issue Position: Seniors

Issue Position

I strongly believe Social Security and Medicare provide critical support to seniors and people with disabilities. Indeed, tens of millions of Americans rely heavily on these programs for income and access to affordable health care. Unfortunately, major changes in demographics and surging health costs have placed these programs on an unsustainable path. We must make smart decisions to secure the guarantee of Social Security and Medicare for both the current generation and our children and grandchildren. I believe we can and must do this without hurting today's beneficiaries.

As the son of a Marine, I also believe the United States must honor the commitment we've made to the men and women of the armed forces, active duty troops and older veterans alike. While we can never repay the debt we owe to those who fight for our freedoms, we must ensure that we uphold the promises we've made. I'm dedicated to opening up new employment prospects for returning service members, improving medical care for wounded warriors, and ensuring support for veterans in need of assistance. Further, I will work to expand health services at VA health clinics in Montana and demand improvements to the VA benefit claims system, which is plagued by unacceptable backlogs.