Issue Position: Energy & Environment

Issue Position

Date: Jan. 1, 2014

Investing in 21st Century Energy Technology and Protecting our Environment

In today's 21st century economy, whoever leads in the field of new energy technologies will lead in the global marketplace. Our region has always led the way in new automotive technologies, but to stay at the forefront of this new clean energy economy, we must continue our leadership in innovation. In Congress, I'm working to pass legislation that will make meaningful investments to spur clean energy technology development in our region. By taking this important step, we'll help ensure that the green manufacturing jobs of the future are created in our communities. And at a time when many in Congress want to throw in the towel on our auto industry, I've successfully led the fight to protect critical funding for green auto technology development and job creation.

But as we pursue new energy technologies, we also need to recommit ourselves to protecting our environment. In Congress, I've proudly fought to pass legislation to reduce America's carbon footprint, preserve our national resources and responsibly break our national addiction to foreign fossil fuels. And in our region, I strongly support efforts to protect our Great Lakes against invasive species such as the Asian Carp.

Here's how I'm working to create new green jobs in Michigan and protect our environment:

Passed the Advanced Vehicle Technology Act in the House: To help ensure the future of Michigan's auto industry and create new manufacturing jobs, I wrote and passed the Advanced Vehicle Technology Act in the House. My bill would strengthen the Department of Energy's current green technology vehicle programs by authorizing the department to develop new public-private partnerships with a diverse group of automakers, suppliers, academic institutions, and non-profits to collaborate on research and development for new 21st century auto manufacturing. By bringing all of these key players together, we'll ensure that the next generation of clean auto technologies are created and built by Michigan workers.

Successfully led the fight to protect clean energy auto jobs: In 2011 when the House GOP tried to cut $1.5 billion from the Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing (ATVM) loan program, I led the effort to stop them. Because the ATVM was responsible for moving production of the Ford Focus from Mexico to Michigan and helped create or save over 41,000 American manufacturing jobs, I built a coalition of 108 members of Congress to defend this important funding. By standing up for American workers, we successfully won this fight. You can read more by clicking here.

Working to reduce America's carbon footprint: In 2009, I proudly voted for the American Clean Energy and Security Act to invest in renewable energy sources, reduce America's greenhouse gas emissions and lay the groundwork for a clean energy economy. By pursuing clean energy technologies, we'll break our nation's addiction to foreign fossil fuels and create thousands of American jobs. All of us must do our part to fight global climate change and that's why I'll keep fighting for important legislation like this.

Protecting our Great Lakes: I have been a strong supporter of the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative that targets the serious threats of invasive species such as Asian Carp, non-point source pollution, and contaminated sediment. The infiltration of Asian Carp into the Great Lakes could be devastating, and their existence threatens to decimate Michigan's multi-billion dollar commercial fishing and tourism industries. We must do everything possible to preserve our Great Lakes and I'll continue supporting policies to achieve this goal.