Issue Position: Energy and Environment

Issue Position

Date: Jan. 1, 2014

I have a strong, proven record as a supporter of renewable energy. The federal government needs to make a strong investment in renewable sources of fuel that have the capacity to create thousands of new jobs and move our nation towards energy independence. In Oregon, we are fortunate to have many options for alternate forms of energy. We can harness the wind, waves and sun to produce energy. We can grow alternative crops to reduce our carbon footprint and reliance on foreign oil. And we can promote sustainable farming and fishing practices.

I also believe a strong investment in renewable energy is a key component of reversing global climate change.The key to curbing the effects of global warming is to significantly reduce our carbon emissions. I support significant increases in fuel efficiency standards and strong reduction requirements for carbon emissions.

Addressing climate change also includes better management of our federal forestry land. Right now, wildfires are wreaking havoc in our forests and releasing vast amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. There is a need for responsible forest management, which includes thinning forests responsibly.

In addition, I know far too well the challenges of earth friendly farming. Years ago, I ran an organic farming co-op back home. Despite the challenges we all face, the cost of inaction is far too great. By finding alternative energy sources, managing our forests, utilizing smart agriculture practices, taking care in our recycling practices and putting in place positive legislation, we can help to save our home.