Issue Position: Energy

Issue Position

Date: Jan. 1, 2014

Dependence on foreign oil is a serious threat to our economy and national security. Congress should provide incentives for domestic oil production and promote alternative forms of energy.

Terrorists or hostile regimes could disrupt the supply of oil imports, which would cause a spike in the price of oil and potentially devastate the economy.
Congress should allow domestic oil companies to extract oil from ANWR and the outer continental shelf. Significant reserves exist in these regions and new technologies allow oil to be produced without polluting the environment or creating a large footprint.
Proposals to raise taxes on domestic energy companies will increase prices at the pump and expand our dependence on foreign oil.
It is vital to diversify energy sources and to promote alternative fuels such as clean nuclear power.
I am committed to preserving the environment. However, I want to ensure there is a reasonable balance between the environment and current economic realities.
All environmental regulations should take into account a cost benefit analysis. It is possible to have a strong economy while also preserving clean air and water resources.