Issue Position: Energy and Environment

Issue Position

Date: Jan. 1, 2014

Across America working families are once again being hit hard by historically high gasoline prices. In California we are often paying more than $4 for a gallon of gas--about a third more than we were paying one year ago. High fuel prices don't just hurt commuters; they increase the cost of nearly everything from groceries to bus fare.

Congressman Becerra believes the "drill-only" plan that hands our nation's energy policy over to big oil companies like BP is the wrong solution. That is why he supported historic legislation during the Democratic-led 110th Congress to require higher vehicle fuel economy and invest in the new natural sources of energy that are made in America.

Today, Congressman Becerra steadfastly opposes efforts in the current Republican-led Congress to slash clean energy investments, defund the agency responsible for going after speculators who drive up prices, weaken the Clean Air Act and protect subsidies for the big oil companies that are making record profits off the backs of American workers.


Congressman Becerra has worked to reduce America's dependence on foreign oil and invest in the clean, renewable sources of energy to create jobs and clean the air for residents of Los Angeles and California's 34th Congressional District. He supports programs that aid modest-income families impacted by high energy prices and has worked to support numerous legislative proposals that are setting America on course to a clean energy independent future.

Congressman Becerra believes the "drill-only" plan that hands our nation's energy policy over to big oil companies is the wrong solution. He supports President Obama's "all of the above" approach to energy which recognizes we need to reduce our dependence on foreign oil, keep energy prices stable by pursuing a variety of approaches to energy security, and becoming the global leader in renewable energy. This approach recognizes the critical role renewable energy technology and investment plays in our energy security.

The greatest country in the world should be leading the way with investments in renewable energy technology -- to create jobs, strengthen our energy independence, and scale back factors leading to climate change. In 2011, the clean energy sector around the world reached a record $263 billion worth of finance and investments, a 6.5% increase over 2010. The United States alone received $48 billion in investments; a 42% increase from the previous year and for the first time in three years had the highest investments among G-20 nations. We must continue to lead the charge by growing this sector here at home.

In order to ensure the United States continues to lead on renewable energy technology development and deployment, we must work across the aisle to provide certainty to energy developers and investors. Congressman Becerra understands that we have a number of significant challenges that will require big solutions -- and that will require bipartisanship leadership.


Rep. Becerra believes in responsible government reform that meets the needs of our changing climate and is dedicated to supporting legislative initiatives supported by the best scientific evidence that preserve clean air, protect clean water and pristine coastlines and ensure that our government maintains its commitment to being good stewards of our nation's lands. Specifically, this nation needs to respond to the threat of climate change in order to prevent further damage to our environment and communities.

Rep. Becerra has supported legislative proposals to cut pollution and promote a healthy environment, including:

California Ocean and Coastal Protection Act

Rep. Becerra supports Rep. Lois Capp's California Ocean and Coastal Protection Act. This bill permanently prohibit oil and gas leasing off the coast of the State of California.