Rubio Marks 4th Anniversary of Failed ObamaCare Law

Date: March 23, 2014

Hi, I'm U.S. Senator Marco Rubio. You know, anniversaries are usually a happy occasion. But there's one we commemorate today that is not -- the passage of ObamaCare in Congress. As we warned back then when the bill was being deliberated, if this bill passed it would disrupt our entire health care market place. And that's, in fact, what it's done. But what's happened and has changed about ObamaCare is it's no longer something people are hearing about on the news, it's something that they're now feeling in their lives.

ObamaCare has gone from being something political, to something personal. Personal because now people can no longer continue to see the doctors they've been seeing for a long time. They can no longer continue to go to the specialty center that is caring for them. They've lost the health insurance they were happy with. They're paying higher premiums, or a much higher deductible. Maybe it's cost them their job, maybe it's cost them hours at work or maybe they're suffering from all of the above.

This is today's reality when it comes to ObamaCare. In fact, the law is such a disaster that virtually every single week the White House is suspending one portion of it, or another. In fact, they have suspended some of its most damaging portions until, coincidentally, the next election passes because they too know the impact this is having on our country. But they refuse to acknowledge it.

That's why we cannot give up on our efforts, not just to completely repeal ObamaCare, but to replace it with real market-based solutions that allow every single American to have the ability to buy affordable health insurance that meets their needs, and to buy it from any company in America that will sell it to them. We're going to have a chance to achieve that soon. We cannot give up. ObamaCare is not something that's set in stone. It can be repealed --and Americans increasingly want it to be repealed -- and that's what we'll continue to do. Thank you.