Graves Votes To Balance Federal Budget & Grow The Economy


Congressman Sam Graves (MO-06), House Small Business Committee Chairman, released the following statement on passage of the House Republican Fiscal Year 2015 Budget Resolution:

"A budget is a statement of priorities; it is a fiscal blueprint that is fundamental to our service as elected representatives. People in Missouri's Sixth District must live within their own budgets, and Washington must do the same.

"I was proud to join with my colleagues today to support a plan that puts our fiscal house in order by agreeing to a responsible, balanced budget and grow the economy. This plan targets wasteful spending, strengthens seniors' Medicare, and expands opportunity through long-overdue tax reform. Borrowing nearly 40 cents on every dollar and with the federal debt totaling over $17.5 trillion, once again House Republicans chose a path toward long-term fiscal sustainability and solvency, instead of continued deficit, debt, and decline on the backs of middle class families. The budget also makes sure our men and women in uniform have the best resources to protect our national security.

"It was critical that today's budget repeal Obamacare and clear the way for patient-centered reform; the President's law is far too flawed to stand as law of the land.

"The House also considered an alternative budget put forward by House liberals. It's no surprise that this budget again spends too much, taxes too much, and borrows too much. Further, the President's irresponsible budget released earlier this year does nothing to control the costs of our nation's debt -- totaling $3.9 trillion annually at a time when our federal government collects roughly $3 trillion in revenues each year. This means more borrowing from countries like China will be required to finance his big government model. If we keep spending money we don't have, Medicare and Social Security will both go bankrupt under the President's plan.

"As elected representatives entrusted with a solemn responsibility to tend the nation's business and secure a more prosperous America now and for the next generation, I applaud this responsible path forward agreed to today."