Congresswoman Matsui Issues Report on How the Ryan Republican Budget Will Affect Californians

Press Release

Today, Congresswoman Doris Matsui (CA-06) voted against the Ryan Republican budget and issued a report on the ramifications for Californians if it were to become law.

"Today I once again voted against a Republican Ryan budget that is nothing more than another attack on seniors, students, workers, and middle class families. It would hinder our country's path to economic recovery in exchange for protecting tax loopholes for the wealthy and special interests," said Congresswoman Matsui. "The facts are clear; the Ryan Republican budget is wrong for Californians, and wrong for our nation."

Recent data from the White House exposes the full extent of the damage that House Republicans' budget would do to Californian seniors, students, women, workers, and middle class families.


The GOP plan significantly undermines the economic and health security of seniors here in California:

For a fourth consecutive year, Republicans' plan would end the Medicare guarantee and raise health care costs for seniors;
Their plan also jeopardizes nursing home care for tens of thousands of seniors here in CA by slashing Medicaid by $95.6 billion over the next 10 years due to the GOP block grant proposal;
358 thousand Californian seniors would pay more for prescription drugs, as the Ryan Republican budget reopens the Medicare Part D donut hole


The House Republican budget ransacks our nation's commitment to education -- the foundation for economic opportunity and a successful future -- with severe cuts in elementary and secondary education and early learning programs. For example, the budget makes cuts in 2016, if non-defense cuts are applied across-the-board, that would:

Push 21 thousand Californian children out of Head Start;
Rob 890 schools and 522 thousand disadvantaged students of the extra academic support through Title I they need to succeed, with 3.4 thousand fewer teachers and aides to help these students;
Cut by 2.3 thousand the number of special education teachers here in CA.

The Ryan Republican Budget also makes college less affordable for millions of students who rely on Pell grants, federal student loans, and higher education tax credits -- pushing college out of reach for many bright young Californians.

The budget slashes student aid and support by a total of $260 billion below current policy over the next 10 years;
At a time when college costs continue to rise, college students here in CA will receive 246 million less in Pell Grants, and 51.3 thousand fewer students will receive Pell Grants needed to help pay for college.

Workers, Women & Children

This dangerous and irresponsible Republican budget threatens workers, women, and even children at risk of abuse. For example, the Republican budget makes cuts in 2016, if non-defense cuts are applied across-the-board, that would result in:

175 thousand losing training and employment services, and 313 thousand people losing job search assistance -- all critical for workers to get jobs and get ahead.
$204 million less funding for Social Services Block Grant, which supports child care for low-income parents along with protective services for children at risk of abuse and neglect.
6.5 thousand children losing access to child care, which is essential for working parents to hold down a job.
1.3 thousand fewer victims of domestic violence being served through the STOP Violence Against Women Program.

Jobs & Middle Class Families

These devastating Republican cuts are not the only problem for America's middle class in this budget. Under the Ryan Republican Budget, middle class families will see higher taxes and millions will see fewer jobs:

The GOP budget will cause the loss of three million American jobs in 2016 year alone.
Republicans would raise taxes on middle class families with children by more than $2,000 -- to pay for a more than $200,000 tax break for millionaires.
At a time when families are living paycheck to paycheck, the GOP budget would stall our nation's recovery by cutting economic growth by 2.5 percent in 2016.

"We should be focused on real policies that would stimulate job growth, strengthen our economy, and help hard-working American families. Unfortunately, the Ryan Republican budget takes our nation in the wrong direction. It is time for us to work together in a bipartisan fashion to build an economy that works for everyone and reignites the American Dream," added Matsui.