Brooks: Ryan Budget Makes Upward Mobility Real


Date: April 10, 2014

Congresswoman Susan W. Brooks (R-IN5) released the following statement after voting in favor of Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan's "Path to Prosperity" Fiscal Year 2015 budget plan:

"Chairman Ryan's budget provides a useful roadmap for a smarter, more efficient government that will make upward mobility a reality for more Americans. To preserve the American Dream for our younger generation, this budget balances in ten years and puts us on a path to paying off our debt. To help students young and old pursue the degrees they need, it makes sure the maximum Pell Grant award is available over the next decade for qualifying applicants. To ensure we meet our obligations to senior citizens and those who've been in our workforce for decades, it protects Medicare and Social Security for current and soon to be recipients, and takes steps to preserve these vital programs for future recipients.

It also includes tax reforms that will keep more money in people's pockets and make our nation more competitive to potential employers. Thankfully, while cutting overall spending, it rejects President Obama's proposed cuts to our national security and ensures our troops have the resources they need to keep Americans safe."

This budget proposal cuts $5.1 trillion in spending and fully balances our nation's checkbook in ten years. It lowers the top individual and corporate tax rates to 25 percent and eliminates special-interest tax loopholes.