Letter to Alex Glenn, President of Duke Energy-Florida, Regarding Clean Energy in Florida


Date: April 22, 2014
Location: Washington, DC

Alex Glenn
President, Duke Energy-Florida
299 First Ave. N.
St. Petersburg, Florida 33701

Dear Mr. Glenn:

As public officials, we are writing to express our support for clean energy and urge your company to deepen its investment in energy efficiency and solar power in Florida. The areas of the country that move the fastest toward energy efficiency and solar power will generate the largest share of both manufacturing and installation jobs. We recognize the economic, health and environmental benefits that a shift to clean energy can bring our state and our communities. We also know that your leadership here is vital, especially in the upcoming proceedings before the Florida Public Service Commission that will determine Florida's energy portfolio for years to come.

During this year's FPSC proceedings, Duke Energy Florida and the state's other major utilities will develop goals and implementation plans for energy efficiency and renewable energy programs to save customers money while protecting public health and the environment. But today, Duke's annual energy savings in Florida fall far below the savings Duke has achieved in other states, and Florida has fallen from the ranks of clean energy leaders. Remarkably, twenty six states have better energy efficiency and conservation programs than Florida, according to a recent study by the country's leading energy efficiency experts at the American Council on Energy Efficiency Economy. This means energy is being wasted at the expense of Florida's utility bill payers, public health and environment. To correct course, we urge you to submit energy efficiency goals to the Public Service Commission this year that match or exceed the energy savings that your company is achieving in other states.

The Sunshine State has some of the best potential for solar power in the country, yet we are currently ranked 16th among states for installed solar capacity. Duke has virtually no solar installed in-state and so we are missing a key opportunity "to help diversify fuel types to meet Florida's growing dependency on natural gas for electric production, minimize the volatility of fuel costs, encourage investment within the state, improve environmental conditions, and make Florida a leader in new and innovative technologies," as intended in Florida's Energy Efficiency and Conservation Act.

Many communities that we represent are already feeling the effects of power sector pollution and climate disruption. Putting Florida on a path to homegrown clean energy and decreasing our reliance on fossil fuels is the best way for our state to safeguard public health and the environment while mitigating the worst impacts of climate disruption.

Thank you for your attention to this important matter.


Congresswoman Kathy Castor * Florida Representative Dwight Dudley *St. Petersburg Mayor Rick Kriseman * Gulfport Mayor Sam Henderson * Largo Mayor Pat Gerard * Largo Commissioner Robert Murray * Hernando County Commissioner Diane Rowden * Pinellas County Commissioner John Morroni * Pinellas County Commissioner Charlie Justice * Pinellas County Commissioner Ken Welch * St. Petersburg City Council Member Karl Nurse * St. Petersburg City Council Member Darden Rice * St. Petersburg City Council Member Amy Foster * St. Petersburg City Council Member Charlie Gerdes * St. Petersburg City Council Member Bill Dudley * St. Petersburg City Council Member Steve Kornell * Gulfport Council Member Michael Fridovich * Gulfport Council Member Yolanda Roman * Largo Commissioner Michael Smith * Safety Harbor Commissioner Andy Zodrow