New Study: More Small Businesses Are Being Destroyed Than Created

Press Release

Date: May 7, 2014
Location: East Moline, IL

The Brookings Institute has released a study with a stunning conclusion: more American small businesses are being destroyed than created. Business start-ups have dropped 50 percent since 1978 as the U.S. economy has become less entrepreneurial, according to the study.

Bobby Schilling, a small business owner and Republican candidate for U.S. House of Representatives in the Illinois 17th District, said that these numbers are not good for the economy.

"The American dream has never been in more danger," Schilling said. "The middle class is struggling because of the oppressive policies coming from out-of-touch politicians in Washington. Some of our youngest and brightest are coming out of college to no jobs and no opportunities. Innovation and entrepreneurship are being discouraged like never before. We must foster innovation, not stifle it."

"This is truly the greatest country in the world," Schilling continued. "It's time for us to start acting like it, and that means politicians need to get out of the way and let Americans do what they do best--and that's growing the economy, innovating, and creating jobs."