Issue Position: National Defense

Issue Position

Date: Jan. 1, 2014
Issues: Defense

A major difference in us conservatives and those on the political left is that we understand that the United States is not just historically a great nation, but we are a good nation. As Alexis de Tocqueville observed in the 19th-century, "America is great because she is good." Sadly, many on the left today do not view our nation as good. They dishonor our founding principles and our history. They willfully ignore that America has done more to spread freedom, resist tyranny, bring hope, opportunity, and prosperity, and relieve human suffering than any people who have ever lived.

The United States of America is a positive good in the world. But goodness without military power and the will to use it when necessary is impotence. Wise leadership today understands that the world is a dangerous place. It's dangerous because of the Hitler's, Stalin's, Castro's, Chavez's, Ahmadinejad's, and Osama bin Laden's of the world. People who hate human liberty, and place no value on human life.

America must remain militarily strong to protect ourselves and our allies. We must remain strong in the interest of world peace, justice, and mercy. President Obama strikes me as a Jimmy Carter déjà vu. Not only on the economic front, but as a Commander-in-Chief who is drastically reducing our military preparedness. In my opinion, he has foolishly caved into Russian pressure and canceled the deployment of the mission shield in Europe. He has canceled new weapons systems. He has reduces the size of our Navy.

While Iran develops nuclear capability, Obama chooses to appease them rather than to confront the issue. At the same time, he is making a drastic mistake of turning away from Israel. Finally, President Obama's radical decision to surrender our nuclear superiority and to take a nuclear response off the table in the face of biological, chemical, or conventional attack by the enemy puts us in a dangerously weakened position.

Recently, Obama made the comment that whether you like it or not we are a world superpower. Well in Congress, I'll work to make sure that the United States remains the world's superpower. That's the way I like it.

* I'll work to make sure the US remains the world's super power
* America must remain militarily strong to protect ourselves and our allies
* The United States of America is a positive good in the world