Issue Position: Obamacare

Issue Position

Here's what America's premiere conservative publication, National Review, said on its cover about Ben: "Nebraska Republicans have an opportunity to do more: They can elect not merely a man who promises to vote for the repeal of President Obama's signature policy achievement, but a senator who almost immediately would become one of the GOP's most visible and articulate experts on the health-care law's defects and the ways to replace it."

Ben has actually read the 2300 page law. He's made scores of cross-country trips and hundreds of speeches proposing free-market alternatives and crusading against the law, both during its debate and after passage.

He opposes ObamaCare not just because:

*it was passed by a dishonest legislative gimmick
*it is based on a premise that Government can successfully plan 18% of our economy
*it puts bureaucrats between patients and doctors
*it infringes on religious liberty and forces people of conscience to pay for abortion
*its information technology systems won't work, and will likely lead to massive data leaks of Americans' confidential financial and health data
...though all those things are true.

He's also against it for a much more basic reason: Ben opposes ObamaCare because he rejects the worldview underlying it. It's a worldview that says:

"If there's a problem, only the Federal Government can solve it."

"Fake budget projections are fine, it's OK to hide the truth from the American people because "DC knows what America needs and the ends justify the means"

"The Executive branch has the authority to just fill in parts of the law that are unfinished, grant special waivers to politically connected friends, and change parts of the law that are politically inconvenient."

"The American people need Government to care for them and permanent dependency isn't just an acceptable outcome, it's a goal of this Administration."

This does not work. Republicans must be ready with conservative solutions to the crisis Obamacare has caused. Otherwise we will be forced into a single-payer system.

Real health care reform can only be achieved through patient-centered health policy solutions, not more bureaucracy. The health care sector was a mess before Obamacare--not because we didn't have enough government, but because we already had too much.

Republicans need to start offering conservative solutions for the future. Here is Ben's plan to fully repeal ObamaCare and start over with a conservative solution that empowers families and patients.

The Anti-ObamaCare Recovery Plan:
A Conservative Blueprint for a Healthier Future

"If we're going to destroy ObamaCare and save the American Dream, Republicans have to offer bold, conservative solutions." -Ben Sasse

Executive Summary

Ben Sasse, called "ObamaCare's Nebraska Nemesis" by National Review, is the only candidate offering a real plan to defeat ObamaCare and fix health care for Nebraska families. The Anti-ObamaCare Recovery Plan: A Conservative Blueprint for a Healthier Future is not a plan to fix ObamaCare; it is a plan to completely repeal ObamaCare and start anew with real, conservative solutions.

The American Dream is under attack. ObamaCare's command-and-control regime is hurting families, killing medical innovation, and putting America on a path of debt and decline. We cannot fix or tweak ObamaCare. We have to repeal ObamaCare.

Four years ago this week when Democrats passed the Affordable Care Act, part of the reason Republicans lost was that too many refused to admit health insurance was already broken. But it was not broken because of too little Government--it was broken precisely because there was too much Government.

It is important to understand that ObamaCare is not just a failed law. It is also a deeply flawed worldview that redefines the American experiment and undermines Nebraska values. It is time to fight back by articulating a conservative governing vision for America.

Republicans have been the "Party of No" for long enough. When our party is too lazy or lacks the political courage to offer real solutions, we lose. In a fight between Democrats' Big Government bad ideas and Republicans with no ideas, Americans have chosen the bad ideas every time. It is not enough to simply oppose President Obama.

Republicans must oppose his agenda, and we must also put forward our own conservative solutions. That is the only way we will ever repeal ObamaCare and jumpstart an American recovery.

It is easy for any Nebraska Republican running for Senate to recite the same "Repeal ObamaCare" talking point. But Ben Sasse is the only candidate with a bold plan for how we repeal ObamaCare and who also has a conservative solution for what comes next.

Nebraskans deserve a plan that is comprehensive and comprehensible. That is what the Anti-ObamaCare Recovery Plan does. Here is how it works:

I. Patients and Families: Reject Big Government mandates and enable all families to secure the lifelong health insurance plans of their choice.

II. Physicians and Nurses: Dismantle the corporate insurance monopoly in health care delivery and free doctors, nurses, and new market entrants to design higher quality, lower cost care for patients.

III. States and the Safety Net: Admit Washington's safety net has failed and empower states to care for the sickest and poorest among us.

IV. Seniors and the Next Generation: Expose Washington's entitlement over-promising and protect Medicare for the next generation.

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