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Issue Position: Health Care

Issue Position

One of Bill Johnson's first votes after being sworn into office was to repeal President Obama's new health care law, "Obamacare." Since then, he has voted to repeal all or parts of Obamacare approximately 40 times.

Obamacare places unelected Washington bureaucrats in charge of making health care idecisions, rather than doctors and patients. While the Democrat-controlled Senate is unlikely to follow the House's lead in voting to repeal this costly federal takeover of our nation's health care system, Johnson will continue to work to abolish this dangerous new law and replace it with patient-centered solutions like making health insurance portable from state to state and job to job; expanding incentives for Americans to contribute their pre-tax dollars into health savings accounts (HSAs) that can be used to lower the cost of routine care; and, enacting medical liability reform to eliminate frivolous lawsuits that drive up the cost of health care. Johnson supports a few provisions of the new healthcare law, like: preventing insurance companies from denying coverage because of pre-existing conditions; and, allowing young adults to stay on their parents' plans until the age of 26 - given that in this President's economy, approximately 50 percent of new college graduates are either unemployed or underemployed.

Johnson believes that America's health care system needs to be improved, but should not be taken over by the federal government.

As Republicans in the House fight for freedom in the healthcare decisions of the American people, Johnson, along with his colleagues, is working to nullify the most onerous parts of the law. This year, Johnson voted to delay both the employer mandate and the individual mandate for one year, to give working families the same break that the Obama Administration decided to bestow on big business.

Bill Johnson is also working to advance solutions to replace the law once we have succeeded in repealing it. He's a proud cosponsor of the "Empowering Patients First Act." This bill would make coverage more accessible and lower costs by providing tax incentives to individuals to purchase health insurance coverage, rather than having it mandated by Washington. By increasing patients' control over their health decisions, coverage will become more affordable and accessible, and will also offer more choices and result in higher quality care.