Issue Position: Unchain American Business

Issue Position

"I believe in the miracle of the free market system. It's a proven fact that as a country's economic freedom increases, so does its prosperity. To get our economy back on track we must once again unleash the power of free enterprise." --Rod Blum

The bad news - where we are today:
* United States has fallen to #13 in the World Economic Freedom Index.
* "Real" unemployment rate is nearly 14%.
* Labor participation rate is lowest since 1970s.
* There are 1.7 million FEWER Americans working today than when President Obama
took office.
* GDP growth since recovery began is worst in US history.
* Private sector GDP is just now getting back to 2007 levels.

Rod's Blueprint:

* Lower taxes on American businesses while eliminating all corporate tax loopholes. Level the playing field: Wall Street should not be treated any different than Main Street.
* Cut red tape that costs American businesses over $1 trillion every year and reduces economic growth. These unnecessary costs are ultimately paid for by the consumer.
* Encourage business capital investment by reducing uncertainty for businesses. The largest source of uncertainty is Obamacare and it must be repealed. ObamaCare will destroy healthcare in America and is already costing the economy jobs.
* Reduce the size of the federal government relative to the private sector. Government spending crowds out private investment.
* Fully utilize American energy resources - both renewable AND traditional sources. Energy costs are one of the largest expenses for American businesses.
* Implement lawsuit abuse reform. Frivolous lawsuits cost our businesses billions every year and defensive medicine unnecessarily increases healthcare costs.