Highway Trust Fund

Floor Speech

Date: July 9, 2014
Location: Washington, DC
Issues: Transportation

Ms. TITUS. Mr. Speaker, in just a few days, the highway trust fund will become insolvent. Now, that sounds shocking, but it is really not news. In fact, we were warned of this possibility in a GAO report issued in March of 2012; yet here we are, with just a few weeks to go before we fall off yet another manmade cliff, and still no solution has been brought to the floor for a vote.

This irresponsible inaction by my colleagues from across the aisle is inflicting damage on the Nation's economy and on States across the country. In Nevada alone, over 100 projects are in danger of being delayed or canceled, affecting some 6,000 construction workers, their families, and ancillary businesses that are associated with them.

This includes six multimillion-dollar improvements to I-15, which is the main north-south corridor that runs through the heart of Las Vegas.

We cannot afford, nor can we risk kicking this can down an already deteriorated road. It is time for Congress to step up, to come together, and to offer real solutions that invest in our future.