Issue Position: Life

Issue Position

Date: July 21, 2014
Issues: Abortion

As a husband, father of five, and grandfather, Dr. Benishek firmly believes that life begins at conception. During his time in Congress, Dr. Benishek has worked to promote a culture of life which, among other things, upholds and actively supports pro-life policies.

I believe firmly that life begins at conception. As Americans, we need to recognize that abortion is more than a policy issue. This is a matter of life and these decisions are permanent. Abortion represents the loss of an innocent life and it is time for our country to realize that. -- Dr. Benishek

As a Member of Congress, Dr. Benishek has supported a number of measures that support pro-life policies including ending taxpayer funded abortions and repealing President Obama's health care law.

Dr. Benishek believes all human life is sacred and is committed to working to ensure that pro-life policies are enacted.