Issue Position: Economy & Jobs

Issue Position

Building an Economy to Last

Charlie believes that in order to really get Florida's economy booming over the long term, we have to make it fairer for the middle class. We need to build a state where we make it easy for every business -- small, medium, and large -- to succeed and create jobs. Right now, the scales are tipped in favor of those who pay for influence. And that's wrong.

Charlie will start by improving education and making college more affordable, and by expanding job training and technical education.

He'll work with the legislature to create a new initiative to reduce the cost of higher education for those studying science, engineering, technology, and medicine -- as well as for those willing to teach in those fields. He'll also fight to reverse Governor Scott's cuts to the Bright Futures Lottery Scholarship Program, and work to increase state funding to colleges and universities.

Tax Cuts for Middle-Class Families

Today, Florida's tax policy works only if you are a special interest with a lobbyist -- but it fails everyday Floridians and small business owners.

As Governor, Charlie will reform government to put the people first, using incentives to help homegrown Florida small businesses grow the economy from the middle class out, not simply giving handouts to political supporters.

Investing in Infrastructure

Charlie believes that we need to invest in infrastructure like roads, bridges, and ports.

When Charlie is Governor, we will work to modernize our roads and ports -- ensuring that Florida's major ports have access to the new bigger Panama Canal ships, and that all of those ports have access to move cargo onto roads and rail.

We'll put a laser focus on growing the Space Coast -- home to some of the most innovative engineers and scientists in the world. In the post shuttle era, we must work to turn Port Canaveral into one the world's leading transportation hubs -- a place where goods can be shipped by road, rail, water, air, or space.

Charlie will work with Washington to make high-speed rail and mass transit a reality. He'll help get people off of our clogged roads, and will make it easier for Floridians and visitors get around our state.

New Forms of Energy

We are the Sunshine State, yet there are few places in America where it's harder to invest in solar technology than in Florida. Charlie will work to remove big utility companies' monopoly and will let smaller companies who specialize in renewable energy compete by making it easier and cheaper for you to put solar on your home or business -- as well as encourage investments in solar and wind fields.

A Destination for Work and Play

Charlie will invest in programs like "Visit Florida" to market our state around the world and bring more people and jobs here.

Charlie knows that if we make Florida the trade beacon for Latin America and the rest of the world, we will create tens, if not hundreds of thousands of good-paying jobs for homegrown small businesses, right here in Florida.

That is why he will also make trade a priority like never before. As Governor, Charlie will create the position of Florida Trade and Development Representative -- a cabinet level job that will report directly to the Governor. That job will have one responsibility only: To open the doors of foreign markets so that Florida companies can sell their goods and services overseas.