Issue Position: Education

Issue Position

Date: Jan. 1, 2014
Issues: Education

Creating World Class, Student-Centered Schools

Charlie knows that Florida is uniquely positioned to lead America in the coming century. And to do so, every child needs access to a world-class education.

To that end, Charlie knows that our schools will only be as great as the quality of our teachers, the funding from the legislature, and the involvement of parents. Without all three, Florida schools will continue to lag behind other states.

That's why, as Governor, Charlie will challenge Florida companies, the legislature, school boards, principals, teachers, and students to put Florida in the top 10 percent, not just in America, but globally, in reading, math, science, and technology by the year 2020.

Sadly, while our teachers work hard to make our schools great, the support they receive from Governor Scott is pitiful. They've seen four education commissioners in four years, multiple budget cuts, constantly moving targets on accountability and a Governor who cares so little about them that he didn't even attend his own Education Summit.

As Governor, Charlie will fully restore Rick Scott's cuts to education. Furthermore, he'll ensure that corporations receive the same tax incentives for investing in Florida's public schools as they do for investing in private schools.

He'll also increase opportunities for students looking to graduate high school with the training necessary to enter critical vocational trades.

To prepare students for the high tech jobs of the 21st century, Charlie will work with Republicans and Democrats in the legislature to allow students to study computer programing and coding as a foreign language credit.

As your Governor, Charlie will get back to where teachers are the centerpieces of our education policy. Every child in this state deserves a high-quality teacher, and we must pay those high-quality teachers what they're worth. And we must give teachers the flexibility to teach. Testing should exist to make sure kids are learning and growing -- not as a substitute for teaching.

When it comes to curriculum, Charlie supports the Common Core standards, but he wants to work with parents to make sure they are implemented in a way that work for Florida schools.

Compact with the Seminole Tribe

As Governor, Charlie signed the first compact with the Seminole Tribe, which provided the state with a billion dollars in revenue in exchange with providing a framework for the Tribe to offer certain gaming opportunities at their facilities. The result: The year after the Compact, the state was able to increase education funding, in spite of lower state revenues due to the worldwide economic meltdown.