Issue Position: Auto, Manufacturing, & Fair Trade

Issue Position

Michigan has always led the nation in manufacturing innovation and technology and in the process built America's middle class. Gary is working every day to rebuild Michigan's economy and middle class to make it tougher, and stronger than ever.

In the midst of the financial crisis in 2009, Gary stood up to special interests, and members of both parties, who wanted to let America's auto industry collapse. He worked with President Obama to secure loans necessary to reorganize Chrysler and GM. With these loans in hand, along with painful sacrifice and hard work by folks in the industry, American auto companies have come roaring back, creating jobs in our communities.

But Gary didn't stop there. When once again special interests threatened to sever a lifeline to U.S. manufacturing, Gary fought to save the program that helped bring the Ford Focus back from Mexico to Wayne County and created thousands of Michigan jobs.

Gary has worked tirelessly to help spur manufacturing innovation and Co-Chairs the bipartisan Auto Caucus in Congress. He authored and passed the Advanced Vehicles Technology Act, bringing together Michigan's business, labor, and environmental communities to encourage investment in new technologies and create new, high-paying jobs in Michigan.

Gary knows that to make it in Michigan means that it's the best product made by the most talented workers in the world. Next to any other country in global markets, Michigan can outcompete the competition. That's why Gary continues to fight as an independent voice for a level playing field. He supports cracking down on foreign companies that steal American ideas, and holding trading partners like China and Japan, which unfairly manipulate their currency, accountable.

Gary has also been a leader in holding companies accountable for outsourcing Michigan jobs. He has stood up for Michigan manufacturers and opposed any new trade deal that does not require our foreign trading partners play by the same rules as American companies. Gary led bipartisan efforts in Washington urging the Obama Administration to block Japan against entering the Trans-Pacific Partnership without first opening their markets.

When the playing field is level, Michigan's workers can out-compete anyone in the world -- and Gary will continue fighting to make sure the rules are fair.