Hall Votes in Favor of Lawsuit Against President


Date: July 30, 2014
Location: Washington, DC

Today the House passed H.Res. 676, a resolution to authorize a lawsuit against President Obama for actions inconsistent with his duties outlined in the Constitution. After voting in support of the lawsuit, Rep. Ralph Hall (TX-04) released the following statement:

"Every President and Member of Congress, when they are sworn in, makes an oath to uphold America's Constitution and protect our Nation's democracy. It is our most important duty. A vital part of our Constitution's foundation is that of proper checks and balances -- it is why our democracy, though imperfect, works. Today's vote is about keeping that oath.

"I have been vocal in my opposition to this President's loose interpretation of the Constitution since he was first elected to office. He has ignored laws outright, selectively enforced others, and at times created laws of his own through an abusive use of executive actions. That is why I support the Speaker's lawsuit, which specifically addresses the President's decision to twice waive "ObamaCare's' employer mandate and subsequent penalties for failing to comply with it.

"No President should be able to rewrite laws for convenience or personal conscience. This lawsuit is necessary if we are to protect and rebalance the Constitution's separation of powers. The American people deserve true democracy."